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26 Feb 09 - 17 Mar 09: ?
Got SVN working. Wrote instructions to use it. Made GUI for visualization output. Added to do page to keep track of future work. Revised a lot of the information on this wiki.

25 Feb 09: 2.00 (06:00-07:30, 15:00-15:30)
Started a smaller project in Java for Practicum. Weekly meeting with Jeff, Crystal and Glen: presented project source, explained segmentation, histograms, and the segment incidence graph a bit more, split up workload. Jeff will be writing the Histogram class. Crystal will be writing the IncidenceGraph class. I will be finishing up the SourceImage class and working on the base code. If I have time, I may start in on some visualization code so we can visually see what is happening and aid in debugging. We will not be having our weekly meeting 5 March.

20 Feb 09: 1.25 (12:55-14:10)
Met with Jeff and Crystal to discuss the source code. Showed them how to set up NetBeans to connect to CVS at Explained the functional specifications of Histogram class. Updated wiki. May need to rewrite the project code in Java for better cross-platform development.

18 Feb 09: 1.75 (15:00-16:00, 20:00-20:45)
Weekly meeting: turned in an alpha version of requirements document. Discussed Milestone 1. Updated Wiki with some sample images (link).

13 Feb 09: 2.00 (12:45-13:45, 14:00-15:00)
Met with Jeff and Crystal to discuss Requirements Document. Mostly, Q&A for Crystal and Jeff to understand what the project is about. Filled out Scope of the System and Use Case List for Requirements Doc.

11 Feb 09: 1.00 (15:00-16:00)
Met with Glen, Jeff and Crystal. Discussed Requirements Document.

05 Feb 09: 0.50 (19:30-20:00)
Met with Jeff. Worked on description and problem definition.

04 Feb 09: 1.00 (15:00-16:00)
Met with Glen, Jeff and Crystal. Discussed initial project direction for Practicum. Jeff and Crystal are going to iron out the requirement docs, while I provide a description.

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