Practicum: To Do

presentation notes

40-45 minutes + time for questions

intoduction: who? what? - glen
overall idea: the big picture
data: video, segmented image sequence
- oblique viewer
- innerframe connections
- interframe connections
- histograms
demonstration / exploring software
- explain what is seen on the screen
direction of project from here




  • Make connections between frames by comparing Histograms only
  • Generalize the PropertiesViewer as a PropertyPanelViewer. Have all properties for an object be contained in a PropertyPanel that is added to the PropertyPanelViewer. Create PropertyComboBox, PropertySlider, PropertyButton, etc.
  • ThreeDViewer needs a PropertyPanel to expose various properties. Be able to turn on/off different ThreeDObjects?
  • Need a way to reconstruct ThreeDObjects in the ThreeDWorld, to rebuild as distinct connected objects
  • General clipping by Z so that we can view only current frame
  • Feedback looping??
  • Be able to view a connected ThreeDObjects by click (clicking on a segment)
  • Properties for SourceViewer: Selecting left-click command, show Photo or Segment, clear flashing segment, etc.

Up next…

  • Link coherency / consistency: destruction of optimistic inner-frame links
  • Using 3D oblique viewer to view links, especially as they are destructed
    • Viewing all of the segments connected to a particular segment (see a graph of neighbors)
  • See an exploded view, passing through all of the segments' texture permutations

Presentation of Project - Wednesday May 13 at 3PM

  1. Introduction: The big picture, motivation, etc
  2. Demo the project
    1. Explain what's going on behind the scenes
    2. Explain how the results are useful
  3. Future work on the project
  4. Questions
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