• Gradients
    • GradientShop (site)
    • Fourier Analysis of the 2D Screened Poisson Equation for Gradient Domain Problems (site) (paper)
  • Structure from Motion
    • Photo tourism: Exploring photo collections in 3D (paper)
  • Unwrap Mosaics (paper)
  • Image Segmentation
    • Efficient Graph-Based Image Segmentation (site has code)
    • Color Image Segmentation (site has code)
    • Range Image Segmentation Comparison Project (site)
    • UCSB Vision Research Lab: Image Segmentation (site)
    • Image Segmentation and Mathematical Morphology: Watershed (site)
    • Image Parsing: Segmentation + Grouping + Recognition (site)
  • Code for Computer Vision
    • The VXL Homepage (site has code)
    • Roborealm: Opensource/Freeware vision software (site)

Test Images / Video Sequences

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